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4th General Assembly Meeting

29 May 30 May 2017

On May 29th and 30th, 2014 EMBL Heidelberg hosted the 4st General Assembly meeting of the SyStemAge consortium, which provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the research progress made over the last year. The coordinator, Anne-Claude Gavin, welcomed around 30 participants from Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain and the UK, who presented the significant advancements made in the different work packages.

A great atmosphere with lively discussions and fruitful networking characterized the meeting. Having reached almost the end of the project, it was time to also hold a specialized workshop that was highlighted by two keynote lectures given by the SAB members Christophe Lancrin (EMBL Monterotondo) and Jeroen Krijgsveld (EMBL Heidelberg). In addition, several PhD students and Postdocs were given the opportunity to present their work in short oral presentations and to discuss their findings. With the project being well on-track, we are inspired to keep the spirits up for another half a year of exceptional science.

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