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Almazov Federal Center (AC)

Almazov Federal Centre is organized on the base of the Cardiology Research Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and named after its founder V.A. Almazov, one of the pioneers of coronary bypass surgery. In the view of enlargement of the additional scientific-research courses and the broadening of scientific and technical opportunities, the institute was given a new name – Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Center. In order to widen the spectrum of related disciplines, the center also included a Haematology Institute and Diabetes Institute, founded by professionals from the Pavlov Medical University. Today the Almazov Center is one of the leading centers developing cutting edge cardiology, haematology, diabetes and related research, realization of scientific basic and applied science, training for scientific manpower, raising the level of doctor's skill.

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Almazov Federal Center (AC)
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Almazov Federal Center (AC)
Akkuratova st. 2
197341  Saint-Petersburg
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