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Anaxomics Biotech (AX)

Anaxomics Biotech offers integrative solutions based on a systems biology approach, including the aspects of safety profile, predicted efficacy, biomarker identification and validation. Anaxomics Biotech has developed Therapeutic Performance Mapping System, a proprietary technology (61/255,299 (US)), which allows the integration of biochemical information and molecular relationships in complex molecular networks. The model developed can explain and predict observed phenotypes; it can be used, for example, predict biomarkers. Anaxomics Biotech is supported by Scientific Advisors providing high-level scientific insight; it includes renowned Drug Discovery scientists, J. Bigorra MD, PhD. Anaxomics Biotech has recently been listed in the top 100 most innovative European companies by Red Herring 2011.

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Anaxomics Biotech (AX)
Balmes, 89, 4º 2ª
08008  Barcelona
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