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Andrey Zaritskey

Project Leader
Department of Hematology

Professor Andrey Zaritskey, Director of the Institute of Haematology at the Almazov Centre, is an expert in clinical and research aspects of haematology and honourable member of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society.

Prof. Andrey Zaritskey has experience in CLL studies, including patient registry, sample isolation and in vitro models. Professor Zaritskey has authored and co-authored over 100 publications in national and international journals in the field of hematology. His previous experience included working on collaborative programs with European Union Partners, e.g. SICA-HF - Studies investigating co-morbidities Aggravating Heart Failure. The collaborative project started in 2009 and was also funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. He also actively collaborates with Heidelberg University and studies on "Molecular mechanisms of cross talk between normal and hematopoietic versus leukemic stem cells with their marrow niche as targets for specific therapy.

Role in SyStemAge:

Contribution to WP3 and WP5. Haematopoietic niche stem cells physiology and cell-cell interaction, ageing and B-CLL; Capacity: B-CLL patient registry including 10 years of complete follow-up data, ongoing patient and healthy age-matched control recruitment.  Cells: collection of BMMC and bone marrow MSC from the donors of different age groups and B-CLL patients, adipose tissue-derived MSC from the same donors, B-cell and human endothelial cells, samples for the subsequent microarray studies. B-CLL drug screen cell model development.

Staff Scientist