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Anne-Claude Gavin

Project Coordinator
Structural and Computational Biology Unit

Dr. Gavin is group leader & senior scientist at the Structural and Computational Biology Unit at EMBL with expertise in proteomics, biochemistry and network biology. She is member of the Allen Institute for Brain Science “Cell Networks” Advisory Council and has been appointed associate editor of Molecular and Cellular Proteomics and editorial board member of Molecular BioSystems

Anne-Claude Gavin’s group has pioneered new approaches for charting biological networks. Her group specialised in the use of biochemical methods coupled with mass spectrometry. The group has interest in the characterization of cellular proteomes and their post-translational modifications, these include chromatography, electrophoresis, chemical cross-linking, MALDI-MS, LC-MS/MS. Anne-Claude Gavin’s work has been awarded by the Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences (HMLS) Investigator Award, Genome Technology and the All-Stars Award “Most Prolific in Proteomics”. As partner or coordinator of several EU- and German-granted projects and as a former scientific director of the biotech Cellzome AG, she is also experienced in managing research projects.

Role in SyStemAge:

Anne-Claude Gavin will coordinate the project, assisted by the EMBL grant office, EMBL finance department and the project manager, Petra Lindemann. In WP1 and WP3 EMBL will be mainly responsible for the proteomics profiling of the hHSC, and cellular constituents of the bone marrow, using biochemistry coupled to quantitative mass spectrometry. The procedure will be adapted to the co-culture system of MSC with hHSC. EMBL will also contribute to the MS data interpretation and analysis. EMBL's infrastructure & expertise within the project consist of high resolution mass spectrometry (nano LC-LTQ-Orbitrap), biochemistry/biophysics and statistical/algorithmic analysis of large biochemical datasets.

Project Manager
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PhD student
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