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Judith Farrés

WP5 Leader
Department of Molecular Health

Judith Farrés (Anaxomics Biotech project leader) is Head of Molecular Health and Project Management with experience in biochemistry and transfer of biological knowledge into computational models with artificial intelligence systems. Judith has previous experience in two aspects relevant to the current project: large experience in the development of human systems biology models and a drug pipeline at Anaxomics Biotech on age-related diseases based on drug repurposing.

Role in SyStemAge:

  • Build systems biology models for age-related diseases and identification of potential points of therapeutic intervention, in WP4.
  • Translate the system understanding of stem cell ageing into novel drug discovery strategies (WP5).
  • Predict: i) mode-of-action of the compounds identified in screening approaches; ii) node combinations which perturbation may cause adverse effects; iii) synergistic co-therapies with existing treatments
Work Packages as Contributor