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Patrick Aloy

WP4 leader
Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology Lab

Patrick Aloy (PI of the Structural Bioinformatics & Network Biology Group) has a wide experience in network and systems biology, with over 65 publications in top journals (Nature, Science, Nature Biotech, Nat Chem Biol, Nat Methods, Genome Res, PNAS, TiPS, PLoS Comp Biol, etc), that have collected more than 4,500 citations, and two international patents on systems biology methods and their application to AD. He also has experience in management of the resources (having led or participated in 6 National and 3 European FP7 projects) and translational research, where he was awarded with the 2007 National Awards to the Best Technology Transfer Project.

His research experience is mainly in structural bioinformatics and network or systems biology. For fifteen years Patrick Aloy's group has been developing and implementing new technologies and algorithms, applying state-of-the-art methods to specific problems and bridging the gap between theoretical models and experiments in different disciplines. In the last years, Patrick Aloy's lab has devoted most of its efforts in the application of network biology to biomedicine, developing models to understand and suggest therapies able to modify the biology of Alzheimer´s disease (AD).

Role in SyStemAge:

Patrick Aloy will lead WP4 and contribute to WP5. In WP4 his group will integrate all the data generated within the consortium with that available in the literature to build the cell networks associated to HSC ageing and computational models able to explain their behaviour. The group will also use in silico perturbations of the models to identify potential points of intervention (i.e. drug targets) and monitoring (i.e. biomarkers). Patrick Aloy's role in WP5 will be to build specific models for MDS and B-CLL, and apply the perturbations strategy to identify points of therapeutic intervention using combinations of marketed compounds.

Selected Publications

Please visit Patrick Aloy's website for a current list of publications.

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