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Systems Biology of age-related disorders of the bone marrow (WP3)

The third WP focuses on the systems biology of age-related disorders with emphasis on the bone marrow microenvironment. Focus will be on two diseases, MDS and B-CLL, as models of age-related disorders. The overall objectives of this WP are:
(1) To define the molecules that are commonly deregulated in MDS and B-CLL versus normal bone marrow of comparable age groups, as well as molecules specifically associated with the early stages of MDS such as refractory anaemia.
(2) To determine the common signalling motives in malignant and non-malignant bone marrow together with the cell populations involved.
Pathways specifically deregulated in the malignant cell populations (HSC for MDS, B-cells for CLL) will guide our search for pathway inhibitors that can interfere or revert disease phenotype.

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